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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 31, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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children had to be taken to a safe area away from the school. parents were then asked to come and pick up their children there. all the students are safe. they are accounted for. but police then entered the school, did a thorough search. now they say they found nothing. no reports of any injuries. but, of course, on hearing the news, parents rushed to school to check on their children. they were kept a couple blocks away from the school during that search. they talked with each other, trying to get the latest information, offer some comfort. in some cases it was after 4:00 when the students were finally let off campus. >> it's scary. i'm scared. i'm worried about my niece. i'm worried about all the kids. i'm hoping all the kids are okay. i'm upset that someone made a decision to go on the campus and put all the students in jeopardy. >> again, it was an anonymous call but let's recap where the situation stands. in the last few minutes, police have just completed a second and what they say is a final search of the school grounds.
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after checking all of the rooms, they say they have found nothing suspicious on campus. they have given the all clear. the last of the parents are still right now waiting to pick up their students tonight. in just a few minutes, governor jerry brown is going to tell californians how he plans to attack the state's monster budget deficit. even supporters admit this is not going to be pretty. mark sayre is at the state capital tonight where the battle line is already being drawn. >> reporter: the governor himself says this is a speech tonight that's going to be short on specifics and long on general themes. and that is something that republicans say maybe unconvincing. facing a $25.4 billion deficit, members of his party say they expect the governor to lay out the choice, cut half and maked up the other half with tax extensions or else. >> the exchange is to give the people the choice, merely the choice to determine whether or not they want to double those
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already bad cuts or do they want to avoid that by extending existing taxes for five years. >> reporter: but republicans don't see it that clearly. senator sam blakeslee whose district represents southern santa clara county and much of the central coast, says the governor will not win over republicans by ignoring the other big component of solving california's fiscal crisis, jobs. >> our economy is wounded. working californians are hurting. and until we bring jobs back to california, we aren't talking about the issues that matter most, at least the people i represent. >> reporter: and senator blakley says he will be looking for the governor address long- term changes, as well. >> we desperately need pension reform, the kind of reform that's going to keep the state from facing potential fiscal insolvency. some could argue that need to tax reform. we have one of the least functional tax systems in the nation. we are driving jobs away. >> reporter: senator steinberg says the governor will paint a picture of the future of
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california. >> then i also expect him to talk about what's on the other side, which is once we put this behind us, how can we begin building and rebuilding a california that we continue to be proud of? >> reporter: republicans also say one other thing that remains unaddressed, what if californians turn down in a special election this idea of these tax extensions? what then? that's another $12 billion that would need to be cut in order to get out of the deficit situation. reporting live in sacramento, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. and you can watch the governor's state of the state address live on our website at cbs san francisco police say a dispute between neighboring souvenir sellers led to a shooting that killed two people at fisherman's wharf. officers want to reassure visitors that the popular tourist area is safe but as sharon chin reports, they are also looking for two witnesses
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to that crime. >> reporter: it's business as usual near fisherman's wharf. but shopkeepers on jefferson street are still talking about last night's shocker, a shooting that left two souvenir shop employees dead at work. maurice suits was working a few doors down. >> i heard some pop, pop, pop. i saw them throwing stuff on the floor. >> reporter: it was gunfire heard around 8:30 last night. behind this door at the original discounted perfume shot, police say shot together two 30-year-old employees, both of san francisco. police questioned a 56-year-old merchant from a rival shop in the alley around the corner, then arrested him for murder. the motive? >> some type of dispute. we don't know if it was a feud. some type dispute over similar type merchandise. >> that's very bad. that's bad. >> reporter: he has worked at his brother's souvenir shop for five years. he says they deal with business competition all the time.
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is it that competitive here between -- >> no, no. never happen like that before. >> reporter: police say they aren't hunting down any more suspects but they are looking for two tourists who were eyewitnesses, a man and woman who left before they finished giving their testimony to detectives. >> they are two hispanics, one male, one female, approximately late 20s, early 30s, that were in the store at the time of the incident. >> reporter: there were other tourists like this father and son from texas. it's a side of san francisco they weren't expecting to experience. >> first, didn't know it was for the tourist dollars but times must be tough if you got to kill somebody to make a buck or two. >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs 5. >> fire at a pet store in fremont killed three puppies this morning. that one-alarm fire broke out at puppy paws store on fremont boulevard just before 6 a.m. firefighters say it started in an area where those puppies were being kept in a large pen. they had the fire out in about
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15 minutes, and crews were able to rescue just as many animals as they could. >> new it's just unfortunate that we had to lose a few puppies but luckily we were able to save seven of them. >> the pet store owner is caring for those surviving dogs tonight. the exact cause of the fire is not known but damage to the store they now estimate to be $75,000. tonight a san jose man could be looking at going to prison for shining a laser pointer at a sheriff's department helicopter. as len ramirez tells us, investigators say he is not showing any signs of remorse. >> reporter: no one knows what may have prompted christopher to point a laser at the cockpit of the santa clara county sheriff's helicopter or why he allegedly did it 25 times. but at a time when laser strikes on aircraft are getting national attention, the incident could land him in prison for the rest of his life. >> we are proceeding forward on the case as a "three strikes" case. >> reporter: he has a history of mental illness and a lengthy
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criminal history including six previous felonies which were factors in the d.a.'s decision to charge this as another felony. >> while this crime may seem on its face to be something of a prank, it is actually very dangerous conduct. >> reporter: the laser incidents date back to february of last year. 25 alleged laser strikes during 18 helicopter flights. police tracked the man down a house near 19th and santa clara streets. he had a red laser pen and allegedly told officers he didn't care if the helicopter crashed. defense attorney and legal analyst steven clark says those statements don't help. >> the student and callous nature of those students -- stupid and callous nature of those statements is going to go heavily against the defendant. he didn't understand the severity of his behavior. >> reporter: it sends a message about how serious laser strikes on aircraft have become. san jose is third among american cities for laser strikes on aircraft.
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in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. tourists trapped in the middle of a revolution. >> there was shooting constantly. just constant shotguns. >> up next, the added chaos when fights break out between americans scrambling to leave egypt. he nearly died after being slammed by a monster wave at mavericks. what the surfer says he remembers and the message for the man who rescued him. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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a strong show of defiance from protestors in egypt, demanding in one week it went from bad to worse. egypt residents demanding the president step down. caught in the crossfire, tourists scrambling to leave the country. as randall pinkston tells us, there are calls for a million people to march in the streets of cairo. reporter: thousands of egyptians took to cairo streets monday. they are fighting for an end to president hosni mubarak's 30- year rule. the demonstrations, which started a week ago, have left thousands injured and at least 97 dead. and they could grow. organizers want a million people protesting tuesday. mubarak swore in a new cabinet monday, attempting to show the world he's heard the calls for change. but for the protestors and people watching across the globe, it's not enough. >> i think this time, mubarak
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has to go. >> reporter: mohammed ahmed is a street vendor in washington, originally from a city near cairo. he is keeping a close eye on the chaos ripping parts of his homeland. >> a lot of people suffering. and we need some good president, eh, to make the country get better. >> reporter: the white house is pushing for what it calls an orderly transportation transin addition egypt. a key u.s. ally that receives $1.5 billion in aid every year. >> i do believe orderly transition means change. and what we have advocated from the very beginning is that the way egypt looks and operates must change. >> reporter: the state department chartered planes monday ready to move thousands of american citizens out of egypt. some managed to get out on their own. they are leaving behind a country where trains have stopped, banks are closed and the internet is blocked as protestors and the egyptian president all look towards an
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uncertain future. randall pinkston, cbs news, the white house. after four months of freedom a uc-berkeley grad is being summoned back to iran. sarah shourd has been ordered to stand trial on february 6 along with her fiance shane bauer and their friend, josh fattal, remaining in custody. they were arrested in july of 2009 while hiking near the border between iran and iraq. iranian authorities say that the three crossed into iran illegally, they have accused them of spying. so far, no word on whether shourd will actually return to iran. well, next, everyone knows parking in san franciscan be a real pain? >> the one group that could catch a break. it felt like i got dropped from a, you know, four-story building under water. >> dude, you did! he was wiped out by a 25-foot monster wave in mavericks. tonight the surfer talks about his near death experience. >> the surf is down now, but the temperatures are going back up. your pinpoint forecast as
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that's at the core of a debate over parking for nannies i ancisco. risk a ticket or risk leaving a child alone at home. that's the core of a debate over unrestricted parking for nannies in san francisco. mike sugerman joining us live from the city to tell us about their options in a city where, of course, parking always a premium. mike. >> reporter: it's a question of are you singling out an single industry or making san francisco family-friendly? there is a lot of feeling on both sides of that. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: sure, if you're mary poppins you don't have to worry about parking but most nannies don't fly and have to worry about moving their cars every two hours in neighborhoods with residential parking stickers. sure would be easier if nannies had stickers of their own. >> you're having to move your car all the time. >> reporter: roxana martinez takes care of twins and what if
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they are down for a nap? do you leave them and move your car or get a ticket? [ screaming ] >> reporter: it drives some nannies crazy. should they get residential permits like parents have? >> if they have to take children to and from school or preschool and activities they don't have parking provided it can be the difference being able to take the job and not. >> reporter: this woman helps run town & country resources a leading nanny service in the bay area. but what are we talking about here? giving a break to elitist wealthy parents who don't have to schlep their kids on a bus to get them to daycare? >> that's the perception of nannies that only the very wealthy have nannies and the majority of our families are two working parents. >> people come to work in the city for all kinds of reasons and they don't get resident permits. so no. >> reporter: robin lives in telegraph hill and has enough problems parking without more competition. >> public transit is a good way to get to and from work if that's the issue. >> reporter: san francisco does
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have a transit first policy but some parents say it's not family friendly. and every household in a neighborhood is allowed up to four permits. if the family has four cars... >> if you're allowed four permits which i did not know, they should be allowed to do it. >> reporter: care givers to older people can get it. said one mother the only difference here is the size of the diaper. so the vote comes tomorrow at the metropolitan transportation agency and if the mta approves it, san francisco, we believe, would be the biggest city in the country to give preferential treatment to nannies. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. a southern california surfer who was nearly killed when hit by a rogue wave in mavericks is talking about his ordeal. we have his story of survival. >> i ended up getting sucked over backwards which is the worst place you can possibly be on the big wave like that.
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>> reporter: 30-year-old jake threatie is reliving the moment he was thrown over a 25-foot wave at mavericks in northern california. nearly drowned. >> if that was my head i would have been dead. it was at rock that hit me. >> reporter: he was placed in a medically-induced coma that was only nine days ago. today, trettie is grateful he is walking and talking, thankful to be alive. >> it felt like i got dropped from a, you know, four-story building under water and then i hit the bottom. and i remember that's the one wave i remember i hit the bottom and then i swam back up to the top. >> reporter: trettie was slammed by at least two more giant waves. he was then knocked out. >> from what i understand, a kayaker -- everyone found my board. and a kayaker was on the other side of the rocks and he said,
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there's somebody -- he yelled, there's somebody in the water! and started waving his paddle. so he waved his paddle at russell on the a jet ski. >> reporter: the australian firefighter and photographer was illegally in the surf that day on a personal watercraft. had he not been there jake trettie likely would have disappeared under the waves. when trettie was brought to the beach unconscious and blue, he had been under water for eight minutes. a nurse dialed 911. a helicopter landed and ferried the critically injured sufferer to the hospital. his father and mother were by his side when he woke up. >> i said, jake, it's mom. and i he flickerred his eyes and i said jake, do you hear me! put your thumb up. and you just barely -- because he was still pretty much heavily le sedated. >> reporter: she insists god has a plan for her son. jake, an admitted thrill seeker, says he is going back to suffer mavericks, but he will be smarter and safer next time. >> something told me i was
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going to be all right. i don't know if that's a near- death experience. but there is something out there that is telling me that i was going to be fine. >> reporter: michelle gillesly, cbs 5. today trettie thanked the moon rescued him. on a video, he said hopefully we get to hang out one day. >> i read what he said, if he surfs mavericks he will wear two life vests. >> it's a good idea because those waves can build up to 50 feet on the face. i was looking at some of the observations from our cbs 5 weather center here in san francisco. and right off our northern california coast, we're seeing some fading waves right now, about 9 feet of 13 second intervals and as the sun begins to fade on this last day of january, we had a high temperature span of 55 at half moon bay to 66 in santa rosa. temperature-wise, we were anywhere between 5 degrees below average and 11 degrees above normal.
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right now to the east in walnut creek, 58 degrees. menlo park 62 degrees. rohnert park at 60. out and about, you can count on the fog and the low clouds that are just hanging tight off the coast to stay put. we do not have a strong enough onshore flow to make those clouds move onshore. we will see some patchy stratus inland around santa rosa, wrapping around to the delta and also the tri-valley. temperature-wise in the 30s to the mid-40s. storm track is being diverted well to the north of the bay area as now with the passage of yesterday's system we have high pressure and it's building in and as it does so we have nothing but sunshine and dry days ahead. so i thought i'd keep you on top of our precipitation of normal stats because we're now just over halfway through the rainy season and anywhere between 75% of normal in san jose to 112% in santa rosa. but you would be surprised how quickly those numbers dwindle down with each passing dry day
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so we'll keep you posted. meanwhile, tomorrow with the sunshine a northerly breeze, 15 miles per hour, 60 to 66 degrees. that will be the temperature span. so pretty seasonal winter day. we'll have a little bit of cooldown on wednesday due to a stronger northerly breeze. we'll have to watch for the possibility of wind advisories and then on thursday, each day all the way through monday, we're talking back into the 70s in the warmest locations here in the bay area. a foggy morning. steven walsh we thank you from hayward. keep the photos coming to >> thank you. it's bright and clean... >> who doesn't want those pearly whites? we'll check out some new products and see if they are really worth your money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pay hundreds of dollars for a dental office procedure... or a few dollars for a do-it-yourself kit. on the consumerwatch, j everybody wants nice white teeth and you could pay hundreds for a dental office procedure or a few dollars for one of those do it yourself home kits. on the consumerwatch, julie watts checks out some new products to find out what works best for your money. reporter: it's the look you see all over the red carpet. stars with shiny white teeth. and to get that star-like smile, millions turn to whitening products. but now there is even for this choose from. >> your smile is so important. >> reporter: sherry is excited to try a new whitening floss. >> anything that's going to whiten your teeth and be easy, why not? >> silica is an abrasive that
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helps take away the surface stain. >> reporter: dr. thomas george thinks the whitening benefit of the silica and floss will be minimal but -- >> anything that makes people floss is going to be a good thing for the overall health of the tooth and gums. >> reporter: he says whitening treatments from a dentist are most effective but can be costly. so when it comes to over-the- counter bleaching products, he says crest 3-d whitening strips give you the most bang for the buck. also effective, a sonic care electric toothbrush. >> there are a lot of clinical trials that have been shown that this is very effective in removing surface stains. >> reporter: we know that things like wine, tea and coffee can stain teeth and now there is a new product aimed at just that, wine and pearly whites. little pads minutes of with baking moistened with bakingsoda.
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sherry uses customized bleaching trays but is happy to know there are more products to try. >> the white teeth look bright and clean. >> reporter: if you're interested, the whitening floss and the wipes are available online and they are expected to hit store shelves soon. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for eyewitness news at 6. i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. jerry brown just finished delivering his state of the state speech. we'll have highlights as well as reaction from a whole team of experts. and it's the big question in oakland: will the new police chief stick around? tonight some signs that his possible departure is giving him some serious leverage with the new mayor. in fact, you can measure it in police officers. that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> all right. we'll see you in 30 minutes, dana. thanks. thanks for watching us at five. we have the cbs evening news with harry


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